Longhill Enviromental .

Landfill Type:
Non – Hazardous with Stable Non-Reactive Hazardous Mono-Cells

Longhill Enviromental can handle:

Industrial & Commercial
Hazardous Contaminated Land (Subject to BS12457)
Non-Hazardous Contaminated Land
Hazardous Waste (Subject BS 12457)
Difficult Waste
Domestic Waste

Asbestos Waste (Bonded & Fibrous)

Inert Waste
Demolition Waste

All asbestos and hazardous wastes are landfilled in separatley engineering cells as per the european landfill directive and ppc regulations.

Other Services Available:

Sale and Supply of Engineering Clay, Soils & Aggregates
Collection and Transport of Waste
Skip Hire and Collection
Access to Port Facilities for the receipt of waste via the sea within 400 metres of Seaton Meadows

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