Longhill Environmental pride ourselves in offering a professional service for the identification, packing, labelling and collection of hazardous materials, we call this service MTA (mobile technical assistance). The service provides cost effective and efficient options for the safe and compliant removal of both large and small quantities of hazardous wastes.

From small laboratory chemicals to bulk IBCs our direct links with some of the countries leading transfer and treatment stations can offer a processing solution which is designed to cover your needs.

Materials are identified either by the customer or listed by our staff and packed in compatible combinations. Alternatively where the wastes are clearly defined these waste types can be listed prior to the delivery of the appropriate containers.

Due to the nature and complexities of the task in hand, our MTA team are qualified Chemists who are continually kept up to date with changing legislation by our team of compliance personnel. Once packaged the waste is then removed to an appropriate waste management centre where, treatment, recycling and final disposal options are undertaken.

Container Types

Longhill Environmental can offer a range of containers that meet relevant regulations, from the large 1000 litre containers to the smaller 205 litre and 30 litre containers. The Waste-Safe containers are an ideal option where larger quantities of small hazardous materials or packages are routinely produced.

Service benefits:

  • Suitable for large quantities of drummed wastes.
  • Suitable for customers that require quick site assessments and waste removal.
  • Suitable for wastes where the make up and complexity is unknown.
  • Suitable for customers with limited time and resources.
  • Full compliance with all relevant environmental and waste legislation and codes of practice.
  • Secure storage and bulking facilities before onward shipment and final disposal.


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